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Hello, I'm Doctor Aaron Tabor, and if you're skeptical of Shaklee, overly critical of nutritional products, and not really sure you believe the "too-good-to-be-true" difference that Shaklee promises.....then join the club!  I spent years attempting to disprove everything that Shaklee stood for and figuring that it was all just talk, but after getting my Bachelor's degree in Biology at Elmhurst College, my Master's degree in Public Health from Benedictine University, and during my medical studies at Rush Medical College, I have yet to find a company that can back their products with as much science, clinical data, and peer-reviewed research as Shaklee.  Even more importantly, I have an incredible amout of personal experience with the Shaklee products and have seen first-hand the difference it makes in family, friends, and patients.  

I have dedicated my life to helping others puruse true health, recognizing that health is something that incorporates all different acheivable goals for each person.  Being "healthy" is too often misinterpreted as "being as healthy as so and so," or "looking like this actor or that athlete," or losing weight just "so I can fit into those clothes."  Sadly, we as a society have lost touch with what being healthy really means.  I want to see people reach their maximum potential, people who are healthy and fit, who live a life of eating wisely and exercising daily, who live long lives free of chronic medical disease and overcome high blood pressure and high cholesterol, who can play with their kids without feeling tired and sore -- people who can enjoy life to the fullest and accomplish their goals!  I have helped train many people in individual and group exercise and I always tell them, "stop saying you can't do it.....you can say you can't do it right now, but we can work together so that you can reach those goals."

I hope that I can work with you to achieve your goals of being truly healthy and reaching YOUR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL!  You may have tried and failed before, you may have attempted a diet and seen little or no results, you may have signed up at that new gym with those exercise classes and quickly lost interest, but that doesn't mean you can't accomplish your goals.  Being healthy isn't about trying for the next few months, going on this diet for a bit, or trying new year's resolution gym memberships, it's about a lifestyle.....and that's what Shaklee is all about.  It's a lifestyle of health, well-being, smart choices, and joining with other people who want to help you.  Tabor Health Solutions is all about helping you find the solution for your health needs, and it all starts by joining with a large network of people who want to help you, with my family at the hub. 

I look forward to meeting you and working with you!

-Aaron Tabor, MD, MPH